How Does It Work?

WalkActive is an active educational process of engaging your muscles to move with correct postural alignment, so every step you take is effective and productive. We teach you to use the right muscles in the right way at the right time and in the right sequence so your movement is smoother and more efficient.

You can learn WalkActive through:

  • Live Events
    • Joanna Hall Masterclass Workshops & bespoke sessions
    • Local Trainer Workshops, Workout Series, Top-Up Clinics & bespoke sessions
    • Retreats (UK & Overseas)
  • Our FREE App

How Do I Start?

Learning WalkActive starts with The WalkActive Foundation Programme, which is simple to learn and has 3 easy levels.  The levels are designed to help your body adjust exponentially. Level 1 is required to move on to either Level 2 or Level 3, and the levels are focused as follows:

Level 1: Technique & Posture – your essential first step
Level 2: Core & Tone – whittle waistlines, tone your whole body and tackle slopes with confidence
Level 3: Pace & Fitness – optimise cardiovascular benefits

If you’re brand new to WalkActive, you can get started by downloading our free app right now, which includes audio coaching and video drills. The WalkActive app will help you get started immediately, however, our tried and tested workshops are the best way to put WalkActive into your body. At our workshops, you will receive tailored instruction and personalised feedback from a certified WalkActive trainer.  Most people progress through the 3 levels days at their own pace, while continuing to practice the WalkActive method in their daily lives.

If you prefer one on one training or training with a small group of your friends, you can also book a bespoke session with a certified WalkActive trainer in your local area.

If you’ve tried WalkActive before, but feel that you need some more support, we suggest purchasing some of the advanced drills that can be found in our app. You can also book a bespoke session or a join a top-up class. If you prefer to learn at home, you can also make use of our videos and books.

If you want to learn WalkActive in a holiday setting, we offer holiday retreats and fast-track camps which enable you to progress through all 3 levels successively, in beautiful surroundings. We offer these within the UK and abroad.

How Do I Get WalkActive?

You can get WalkActive today!

If you’re in the UK, book a WalkActive trainer in your area. If you would prefer to learn from the Creator of WalkActive, book a Masterclass Workshop with Joanna Hall. If you’re unable to attend a workshop at the moment, download our free app and get started at home.

How Can I Keep Up With WalkActive?

WalkActive is currently expanding across the UK. We are constantly looking to recruit new trainers for new locations. As we continue to expand, we will would love to keep you in the loop! Subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll be the first to hear about new locations, new trainers and special offers.