Download the WalkActive app so you can listen, walk and learn while Joanna Hall coaches you personally, so you look, feel & perform better all through walking. You’ll learn the WalkActive effective walking system so that you can start to feel it’s benefits simply by changing the way you walk.

  • Watch and practice the exercise drills
  • Listen as you walk to the mini audio coaching tracks
  • Track and record your progress walks.

The first module, ‘Technique & Posture’ of the app is free and is packed with all the information you need to get started. As you take WalkActive to the next step there are two paid modules: ‘Core and Tone’ and ‘Pace and Fitness’. Whether you use the paid modules or not, the app is packed with all kinds of features so you can track and manage your WalkActive progress.

We are currently updating our App to accommodate all our WalkActive participants from across the world. If downloading the WalkActive App outside of the UK please put your country as UK and use this postcode CM0 0RR. Thank you and enjoy your WalkActive!