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The WalkActive App

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Download the FREE WalkActive App and improve your walking with the WalkActive Foundation Programme.

  • Level 1 Introduction to Technique & Posture
  • Level 2 Introduction to Core & Tone
  • Level 3 Introduction to Pace & Fitness

With each level we’ll teach you how to get the most from your walking with clear learning objectives, specific video drills and walking tasks plus audio coaching downloads to listen to as you walk. All designed to help you get great results with WalkActive.

Level 1 – Introduction to Technique & Posture

This is the place to start to improve your walking. We’ll introduce you to the 4 parts of the basic scientifically verified WalkActive technique, to improve your posture, mobility and improve your body shape.

  1. Learn – what you need to do with clear instructions and easy right and wrong images.
  2. Tasks – watch and walk. Simple to follow and progressive video drills to fast track your progress plus walking tasks to integrate what you have learnt.
  3. Listen – mini audio coaching downloads to help you master each individual part of the technique.  Plus a Workout session to listen to as you walk, bringing it all together, for your body to get real results for your health and posture.

  Level 2: Introduction to Core & Tone

Progress your WalkActive technique and improve the shape and tone of your body and specifically flatten and trim your waistline with WalkActive Core & Tone.

We’ll teach you simple and effective standing abdominal exercises to help your body enjoy more results. Your body will feel and look leaner, tauter and lengthened and specifically help you trim your waistline as you walk.

  1. Learn – learn how to streamline and strengthen your body without tension and compression. With easy, what you need to do clear instructions and easy to follow right and wrong images. 
  2. Tasks – watch, practice, walk. Simple to follow and progressive video drills that complement your WalkActive sessions. No need to get down on the floor – feel tauter, and your waistline trimmer with these highly effective standing exercises. Plus walking tasks to integrate what you have learnt so you enjoy results.
  3. Listen – audio coaching download to listen to as you walk. Specifically created to help you take your WalkActive to the next level and master the WalkActive number 1 Core exercise – The Abdominal J.

 Level 3: Introduction to Pace & Fitness

Learn how to walk 24% faster – smoothly and effectively. Building on from Level 1 Technique & Posture and Level 2 Core & Tone we’ll help you progress your WalkActive, so you walk faster effortlessly and effectively to improve your cardiovascular fitness.

  1. Learn – learn how to increase your walking speed without tension and back pain. Easy clear instructions with right and wrong technique images.
  2. Tasks – watch practice and walk.Simple to follow and progressive video drills that compliment your WalkActive sessions. Helps build strength, fitness and improves balance. Integrate what you have learnt with specific walking tasks.
  3. Listen – audio coaching download to listen to as you walk.  Walk smoother, faster, further and burn more calories. Re-enforce your learnings and listen as you walk for great results.