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Creator & Founder

Before (WalkActive) my hip joints always used to ache, which was a limiting factor - Andrea

I've lost inches all over my body without paying attention to my food intake - Gill

I feel a complete difference in myself, this whole experience has been so inspirational - Joanna

In just 2 days my posture had improved phenomenally, I cannot recommend WalkActive highly enough - Fran

I came for fitness & something to invigorate me but I am coming away with so much more - Karen

I've had three surgeries and I can honestly say WalkActive has been transformational for my body - Alexandra

My doctor has been so impressed with my ability to control blood sugar levels by the Walkactive method - Tony

People tell me I look younger with WalkActive. I certainly feel younger - Katherine.

The whole WalkActive Team have been so supportive - we've learnt so much and had so much fun!

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The WalkActive Fast Track Camp is designed to get you feeling the Walkactive benefits fast! with Joanna Hall - The Creator and Founder of WalkActive The Effective Walking System!

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"Before (WalkActive) my hip joints always used to ache, which was a limiting factor."

Mastering the WalkActive technique on a Foundation Camp completely changed the way she moved

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