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WalkActive Teacher Training Academy –  intake 2017.

We are delighted to introduce our WalkActive Teacher Training Academy which we launched in January 2017. Our aim is to teach you the scientifically proven WalkActive System.

Be part of a aspirational community that helps you and others improve individuals’ health, fitness and body shape all through the WalkActive System.

Rewarding * Educational * Effective *

We are committed to expanding & extending the WalkActive offering to help people really benefit all through walking, and we look very carefully at our recruitment process.

Becoming a licensed WalkActive Trainer and going through the WalkActive Academy, means we will train and support you to deliver the scientifically proven WalkActive System to individuals through our tried and tested workshops, clinics and group classes. Teaching WalkActive is a deeply rewarding and stimulating process as a teacher but most importantly highly effective for every one, whatever their age, stage or phase of life.  Becoming a registered WalkActive Trainer, means not only will you be able to extend WalkActive programmes to an existing client base but also recruit new clients who are currently seeking WalkActive within their local communities. Plus you will have the confidence that you are supported through a team who are passionate about WalkActive, a comprehensive tech and app service that will help you recruit clients and communicate with them in an efficient and professional manner. All things that are vital for the growth of your business, save you time so you get more time to do what matters – help people get amazing results through WalkActive.


Central to WalkActive is our core 7E’s philosophy (all our live events, digital apps and trainers must be Effective, able to Educate, show Empathy, as well as Enable, Empower and Excite all our clients & continually our environment needs to be one of Enjoyment).  We want all our trainers to grow as individuals but also as a team so we continue to strive to deliver the very best service, help you grow your business, enabling individuals to connect with their bodies so they can benefit from real health, fitness and shape change through the WalkActive System.


Our cohort of WalkActive Teacher Training intake will be:


2nd, 3rd, 4th October 2017 9.00 am – 5.30 pm

18th,19th, 20th October 2017 9.00 am – 5.30 pm

Total Academy training £1250 incl vat


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