About Joanna Hall

MSc Sports Science

Creator & Founder


WalkActive is great for you as it works on three levels:


Walkactive works the body from the inside out lengthening & streamlining, significantly transforming body shape without vigorous "no pain no gain" workouts.


You learn to move pain free. Knees, back, hip & neck discomfort is significantly improved, future safeguarding joints.


Your body awareness increases & your movement quality improves, creating more youthful agile movement quality.

Improve Posture

The Walkactive Technique has been scientifically verified to improve your posture, directly impacting how you look and feel. People with poor posture are more likely to be tired, unable to work efficiently or move economically.

Improve your Body shape

The Walkactive Technique has been scientifically verified to improve body shape, It targets the whole body, as it teaches you to use the right muscles in the right way, creating length and streamlining the body for body shape improvements in both men and women. The scientific study reported learning the Walkactive technique increased walking speed on average by 23% over a 4 week period. We like to think of The Walkactive System as Intelligent Exercise, connecting you with the way your body should move, so you look better, feel better & perform better.

While we acknowledge that every customer is different,many of our previous clients have reported to us wonderful benefits from the WalkActive System  from health improvements such as joint pain relief, coming off anti depressant medication, reduction in cholesterol and diabetes risk, lowered blood pressure, coming off statins, improvement in alopecia, less visits to physiotherapists & osteopaths, significant inch & weight loss, greater cardiovascular stamina, to aspects directly improving the quality of your life Рbetter sleep, improved self confidence & anti ageing posture!