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The Effective Walking System
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Wherever you are in the world we can teach you WalkActive and help you continue to enjoy great results for your health, fitness and body shape.

Let us teach you WalkActive in person at our LIVE EVENTS – choose workshops or our residential programmes. Or DIGITALLY  through our Apps and Online Mentoring.

STEP ONE: Level 1 : WalkActive Technique & Posture. The place to start to improve your walking.

We’ll introduce you to the 4 parts of the basic scientifically verified WalkActive technique, to improve your posture, mobility and improve your body shape.

STEP TWO: Level 2: WalkActive Core & Tone:

Progress your WalkActive technique and improve the shape & tone of your body and specifically flatten & trim your waistline with WalkActive Core & Tone.

STEP THREE: Level 3 Pace & Fitness:

Learn how to walk up to 24% faster – smoothly and effectively. Building on from Level 1 Technique & Posture and Level 2 Core & Tone we’ll help you progress your WalkActive, so you walk faster effortlessly & effectively improving your cardiovascular fitness.

Please visit the GET WALKACTIVE section of our website to see how you can get started!



We offer two residential programmes : Fast Track Foundation & Transformation.

Fast Track Foundation – We’ll teach you the whole WalkActive Foundation Programme  in our 2 night 3 day residential programmes. Educational seminars, workshops, video feedback plus practical sessions to  help you master The WalkActive Foundation Programme & fast track the benefits.

Transformation Progress your WalkActive with our Transformation Camps, designed for those already familiar with The WalkActive Foundation Programme and want to take it  to the next level.





APP - iOS & Android

The WalkActive Trainer in your pocket. Download the FREE WalkActive App and improve your walking with the WalkActive Foundation Programme.

  • Level 1 Intro to Technique & Posture
  • Level 2 Intro to Core & Tone
  • Level 3 Intro to Pace & Fitness

With each level we’ll teach you how to get the most from your walking with clear learning objectives, specific video drills and walking tasks plus audio coaching downloads to listen to as you walk. All designed to help you get great results.




Practical 1/2 day workshops to get you started with The WalkActive System. Three Levels of Workshops to introduce you to the WalkActive Foundation Programme.

* Level 1 Technique & Posture * Level 2 Core & Tone * Level 3 Pace & Fitness

Start with Level 1  WalkActive Technique, the backbone of The WalkActive System to get your WalkActive underway.

Bespoke Workshops and Residential Programmes available upon request.