About Joanna Hall

MSc Sports Science

Creator & Founder


I walk further & faster with Walkactive

"Before (WalkActive) my hip joints always used to ache, which was a limiting factor."

- Andrea

Andrea was a committed power walker but experienced hip pain which limited how much she could do. Mastering the WalkActive technique on a WalkActive Foundation Camp completely changed the way she moved. Watch as she shares how WalkActive is something she can do forever.

Inch loss and feeling stronger in just 5 days.

"Ive lost inches all over my body without paying attention to my food intake"

- Gill

Gill joined us at our WalkActive Foundation Training Camp in La Manga, Spain and lost inches, gained friends & improved her strength through the WalkActive System, without controlling her diet or alcohol intake.

In Control of my Body

"I feel a complete difference in myself, this whole experience has been so inspirational"

- Joanna

A WalkActive Foundation Camp had an enormously positive effect for Joanna, helping her feel more in control of her body, and helped ease problems with scoleosis & collar bone discomfort from previous exercise injuries.

Improved my posture.

"In just 2 days my posture had improved phenomenally, I can't recommend it highly enough"

- Fran

Walking over 25 miles a week regular walker Fran, considered herself fit & strong but wanted to learn WalkActive to make her efforts more effective. Attending a WalkActive Foundation Camp improved her posture and found the benefits helped both her walking and in normal every day life.

Iam walking away pain free

"I came for fitness & something to invigorate me but later coming away with so much more"

- Karen

Karen attended a WalkActive Introductory Workshop and found the WalkActive Technique gave her new ways to get fit, lose weight as well as huge improvements in the physical symptoms of stiff shoulders and neck from years at a desk. Watch as she shares her experiences of attending one of our WalkActive Workshops.

Back Pain Success with WalkActive

"I've had three surgeries and I can honestly say this has been transformational"

- Alexandra

Watch Alexandra share her experiences on a Foundation WalkActive Training Camp - transforming her body. Having endured major back pain for many years mastering The WalkActive Technique has had amazing benefits for Alexandra's back problems & her confidence.