About Joanna Hall

MSc Sports Science

Creator & Founder

Audio Coaching

WalkActive The Complete Technique Series Audio Coaching Downloads – specifically designed & presented by Joanna to listen to as you walk! Available to download via Audible or iTunes.

Using her skill layering approach, Joanna has personally recorded these to lead you through and master her scientifically verified, highly effective WalkActive Foundation Programme.  Created as if we are right beside you teaching you WalkActive, in these simple to use, 30 minute long sessions, you’ll be guided to master WalkActive in your walking sessions, so your body looks better, feels better and performs better. Simply download & listen to you as you walk. Perfect for your commute to work, structured walking sessions and is the essential accompaniment to the WalkActive Foundation Programmes : Online Mentoring programmes, Workshops and Training Camps. Our audio coaching sessions will help you put WalkActive into every walk you take and help you master and re in force the WalkActive benefits.

WalkActive The Complete Technique Series Audio Coaching Downloads.

Our 5 individual audio coaching sessions include:

  • Introduction to the WalkActive Technique
  • Intermediate WalkActive Technique – taking it to the next level
  • Introduction to Pace – improve your pace
  • How to Walk your Waist Off – walk inches off your waist
  • How to Walk Slopes – tackle inclines & declines with confidence.

With drills and specific walking sessions to help you connect with the way your body should move, these audio coaching downloads are designed as a coaching tool to help you get great results from your walking efforts. Perfect to use while out walking & also invaluable as a learning resource.

DVD’s & Books

Not everyone is able to visit a gym be it for reasons of expense, time, inconvenience or confidence, so for this reason I have created a selection of DVDs which you can use in the comfort of your own home and assist in your learning of the WalkActive System.

The Introduction To WalkActive Instructional DVD provides an excellent visual learning reference tool while The WalkActive Programme Book with complimentary audio coaching taster session is an excellent reference tool as you master your WalkActive.

All the DVD’s & books provide helpful strategies to support you in achieving long term weight management and shape change as well as increased stamina and fitness levels.

Whether you are just starting on a new fitness regime and want to approach thing slowly and in private, or are looking to bolster other activity that you may do by working out from home, Joanna’s DVDs & books are simple to use, informative and most importantly, they really work!